Zenith Chronoma Star Tomiya Limited Edition 25 pieces ref.03.2088.4021/83.C496 Blue/Shell Warranty Date: 20 03.2088.4021/83.C496 (Pre-owned watch) sras462

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Q: Hi! Thank you!! With local taxes of 19 % it sums up to EUR 7.200 which is unfortunately much more expensive then expected. A new strap is needed additionally. Is the price here a final price or can it be negotiated? Sorry for asking and thank you for all your efforts!!

We think there are not any scratches on the glass of this watch. About total amount, please confirm bid confirmation page. ---- The total price includes: bidding price, auction fee and delivery fee (including insurance). Sometimes tariffs/custom duty will be charged and it differs from country to country; thus you’d better ask the local Customs or other relevant affiliates. We cannot get involved in customs as it is governed by your country's rules. ----


Q: Hi! Thank you! It is a dent (not a hole) on the left case side at about 10, correct? Can you confirm that the glass and glass coating do not have any damage/scratches? What would be your best price including shipping to Munich/Germany and how would we manage it? Thank you for your efforts!!

Dear, Thank you for message. We have uploaded more pictures. Please confirm item page. Best regards.


Q: Hi! Did you receive any update from the seller? Thank you!!


Q: Thank you!!!

I have contacted the Japan shop. Please wait for a while.


Q: Thank you! I found them there as well. only 3 pictures and not the one where the scratch is (9). This is not enough unfortunately. I need more details. Nobody will buy the watch based on the provided information so far I think. Can you get more information?

That's all for the photos. https://item.rakuten.co.jp/antiegrande/77025/ It has been overhauled by the manufacturer, so it appears to be in good condition.


Q: … yep, that is what I also read. But can you get more pictures that show the condition of the watch? The watch looks like new on the pictures here. thank you!!

”There is a scratch on the 9 o'clock side of the case that cannot be removed by polishing. The strap has some signs of use.” There is a statement. No information about glass.


Q: Hi! I registered nerminio@gmx.de. Any idea why it is not working? Cam you maybe send me some more detailed pictures and a video of the watch where the signs of wear/scratches/dents are visible? Do you if the glass has any scratches? Thank you! Lind regards, Nermin

Hello A box and warranty card are included. Please register a valid email address and complete your membership registration before proceeding to purchase.


Q: Guten Abend! Kann ich diese Uhr kaufen? Ich bekomme immer eine Fehlermeldung wenn ich auf Gesamtpreis anzeigen klicke. Sind Papiere und Box dabei? Wie ist der Zustand der Uhr? Danke!!

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Item Numbersras462
Item TypeJapan Shop Item


This item is sold on Japanese shopping mall.
The original description is written in Japanese.




Maker guarantee

With Warranty card

Serial number


Brand original box

With box

Exterior condition


Used Normal(B)

Case size




Stainless Steel

Movement type


Movement condition




Length about 20.0 cm, No extra link, Buckle:No issues


No issues


No issues




Non-Rotating Bezel

Detailed Description:

Purchase year: 2014
Overhauled by the manufacturer in November 2022.
25 limited edition model
  • We can't export crocodile or alligator leather straps, because it is restricted by Washington Convention (CITES). We do not refund for these leather straps.
  • We only sell original watches. However, the following conditions cannot be guaranteed.
    • If the dial has been replaced or refinishing has taken place.
    • Whether diamonds are manufacturer set or aftermarket.
    • All of the parts are original.


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Wonderful service!

Wonderful customer service.
My Grand Seiko was exactly as described, and the shipping speed was extremely fast!
I would highly recommend them.

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