Authenticity guarantee

Timepeaks is a worldwide auction platform for luxury watches.
It is a good place for you to obtain watches in good condition at reasonable prices.
All watches are guaranteed to be 100% authentic.
We never sell fake watches.

About the Watch Experts

The watch experts of Timepeaks have extensive knowledge and rich experience in authenticating wristwatches.
These professionals authenticate and appraise hundreds of timepieces every month. They have capability of distinguishing the genuine watches from the fakes.

Check before shipment

All products are scrupulously checked by watch experts before delivery.
We never ship counterfeits.
There is no risk that a shipped item differs from the previous description.
When you buy luxury watches from the Internet from Japan, it is usually 0.5% fake and 8% may differ from product description, Timepeaks will stop all those problems. Purchasing shops from Japanese online retailers carries a 0.5% risk of getting a fake and an 8% risk of getting a different product than described. Using Timpeaks allows you to eliminate all risk and enjoy secure, comfortable shopping.

Buy products other than Timepeaks

You can also purchase items that are not on sale at Timepeaks.
Please tell us the URL.
If you pay the purchase price in Japan and 5% fee and shipping fee, Timepeaks will purchase on your behalf.
You can also receive it by overseas delivery or you can store it in Japan until you visit Timepeaks office to pick it up directly.