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A watchmaker also called a magician of retrograde.
Watchmaker Frank Muller has found his talent and since 1997 worked as a clock engineer in Frank Muller Watchland. Bloomed his talent with the development of retrograde movement, he came up with Frank · Muller's certificate, launched his own watchmaker "PIERRE KUNZ" in 2002.
Retrograde is a complex mechanism that displays time, calendar and day, with needles that performs repetitive exercise. Usually watch shows the date and day of the week by circular movement using general gear rotation, retrograde use the needles on the dial that has a start point and an end point is indicated by swinging needles. When the needles reach to the end point, they jump back to the start point.
“The triple retrograde second” is the first model in the history of mechanical watches, in which three independent second hands display 60 seconds while relaying 20 seconds each. The average sales price for Pierrekunz is $5,051.

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