You can pick up winning products in Timepeaks Shibuya Shop.

Tax Free Available

Timepeaks Shibuya Shop is a tax free shop.
For people who live in outside Japan, we can sell watches for free of 10% tax.
It costs same as EMS shipping. Ofcourse no charge for delivery fee.
To get tax free option, bolow is required.
  • You need to come. your friend or agent is not permitted.
  • You need to bring a passport.
  • Show us a ticket for return from Japan.
  • Your address is not in Japan
  • You bring out the merchandise to abroad in 30 days from purchase.
  • You do not use or sell the merchandise in Japan.
  • To sign a contract which agree with above.
Here we show how much does it costs and difference between by EMS shipping and pick up in Japan.
This is a sample case of price $3000 item.
Receive products by EMS shipping at your country Pick up products in Japan
Winning bid $3000 $3000
Purchase fee $150 5% of winning bid $150 5% of winning bid
Delivery fee About $40 Depends on location and item free You need to come to shibuya shop.
Tax in Japan free No taxes on exports free 10% consumption tax is free.
Tax in your country Unknown We do not know how much does it cost in your country. Unknown Maybe you have no need to pay tax in your country.
Total $3190 and tax in your country $3150 (Prepaid USD or EURO ) or JPY CASH on Time

Important Points

Payment must be done within 3 days from you got invoice.
If you prepaid, we can keep your watches untill your visit(Max 1 year).
At Shibuya shop, you can use JAPANESE YEN CASH ONLY. You can not use any credit card or $ or euro.

Send Watch to Your Friend in Japan

You can not accept tax free option.
If you paid by Bank Wire Transfer, we can send watch to your friend in Japan.
We can not send watch to your friend if you paid by Paypal.
Delivery fee in Japan is $5.
When you paid by paypal, we can send watch to only your Paypal address and name.

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