About Timepeaks

Timepeaks is a worldwide sales and auction platform for luxury watches.
Our service offers numerous watches from Japan and is available in 16 languages and in over 80 countries.

We take the annoyance out of auctions by personally taking care of the communication between buyers and sellers.
Overseas sales are no problem. Just pick the timepiece you want.

Established in 2005, Timepeaks has extensive experience in live watch auctions at our real shop in Shibuya, Tokyo.
By combining our watch expertise with online information, we can offer great deals not found in the public market.


Authenticité garantie

Timepeaks is a safe luxury watch market place for collectors and first timers alike. Before each transaction is finished our watch experts check each time piece at our office in Japan.

Nos experts à « Timepeaks » sont des professionnels du domaine de l'horlogerie et possèdent une expertise particulière dans la manipulation des montres-bracelets de haute qualité.
Our professionals authenticate and appraise hundreds of timepieces every month.
They have the capability to distinguish genuine watches from fakes.

Our strict system eliminates the reliance on user reviews and lets anyone buy the watch they want without any worries.

  • Nous ne sommes pas affiliés avec des fabricants de montres.
  • Nous ne vendons que des montres originales. Cependant, les produits suivants ne peuvent être garantis.
    • Si le remplacement du cadran ou la finition a eu lieu.
    • Que les diamants sont d'origine ou issus du service après-vente du fabricant.
    • Toutes les pièces d'origine.

Types of items

There are 5 types of items in Timepeaks.

The item which is according to the normal internet auction process.
You will win the auction if your bid is highest at the end of the auction.
Watches are being sold even in offline auction.
The Owners have the right to refuse to sell their items to the bidders.
In the case that the highest bid price is not satisfied with the owner, the bidder cannot purchase the item.
This kind of items is kept by the owners, not by Timepeaks.
User Item(JP)‘s owner is in Japan. User Item‘s owner is in other country.
Items you bid successfully will be delivered after verifying the authenticity by Timepeaks (Tokyo Japan).
Therefore, it takes a little longer than the normal item before delivery.
JAPAN SHOP ITEM (Rakuten Item, Yahoo Japan Item)
This kind of items is kept by the Japanese professional seller and sold in Japan.
Item descriptions are written by Japanese.
Item title and descriptions in Timepeaks is automatically converted.
Be careful to understand what you will go to buy.
Timepeaks (Tokyo Japan) will purchase on your behalf and will deliver it after verifying the authenticity.
Once you purchased item, you can not cancel.

Check before shipment for relief

Tous les produits sont vérifiés par des experts avant livraison.
Nous ne livrons pas de contrefaçon.
Vous vous engagez à ne jamais expédier d'articles différents de leur description.

When you buy luxury watches with the Internet of Japan,
it is usually 0.5% fake and 8% may differ from product description,
but Timepeaks will stop all those problems.
Purchasing shops from Japanese online retailers carries a 0.5% risk of getting a fake
and an 8% risk of getting a different product than described.
Using Timepeaks allows you to eliminate all risk and enjoy secure, comfortable shopping.

Buy products other than Timepeaks

You can also purchase items that are not on sale at Timepeaks.
Please tell us the URL.
If you pay the purchase price in Japan and 5% fee and shipping fee, Timepeaks will purchase on your behalf.
You can also receive it by overseas delivery or you can store it in Japan until you visit Timepeaks office to pick it up directly.

What our customers review


Wonderful service!

Wonderful customer service.
My Grand Seiko was exactly as described, and the shipping speed was extremely fast!
I would highly recommend them.