TimepeaksThailand branch

There is a Timepeaks Thailand branch in the Bangkok. The branch supports Thai people to sell watches from Thailand, as well as supports for products purchased at Timepeaks. Also, for those who want to sell their watches sooner than sell them in the auction, the branch also purchase watches immediately.

  • New watch

    New watch

    We offer new watches too. If you know which watches you would like to buy, we will find new model for you.
  • Used Watches

    Used Watches

    In the shop, we stock various second hand watches.
  • Buying Service

    Buying Service

    We buy watches from Thailand. if you bring watches to our store, we will create Timepeaks listings for you.


  • Theerachai Assavapisitkul


    Theerachai Assavapisitkul

    Timepeaks Thailand CEO

  • Kovit Sarcar

    Watch Expert

    Kovit Sarcar

    Timepeaks Thailand co-founder


Office Hours :
Mon-Fri 11:00-19:00, Sat-Sun 11:00-20:00
Tel :
Address :
10110 Sukhumvit 31 (near Phrom Pong BTS), Bangkok
Access :
Near Phrom Pong BTS
Messenger :
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