Timepeaks Member Registration Terms & Conditions of service

Last updated Oct 01, 2018

This English version of Terms and Conditions is prepared for reference purpose only. In the event of any conflict or inconsistency between the Japanese and English versions, the Japanese version shall prevail.
You can read Japanaes version below:

By using Timepeaks Services, you agree to these conditions. Please read them carefully.


Leatherball,Inc. provides Timepeaks auction service and determine the terms and conditions below.

General Provisions

  1. Leatherball will determine the Terms between service users and leatherball with respect to the Service.
  2. If you want to sell your merchandise in the auction, you will be called "seller".
  3. If you want to participate in the auction, you will be called "bidder".
  4. If you placed bit and you won the auction, you will be called "winner".
  5. If you sell your merchandise in the auction, total price is defined with following, bid price, auction fee, delivery fee and all necesary fees which are.
  6. If you violate the Terms of Service will lose the rights of Party B member can become a member of the Service following the prescribed procedure.

Provision of information

  1. You may not register the correct information, tell a lie
  2. There is an error in the information you have registered, even suffer, I will not be reimbursed. You should not complain or appeal.
  3. I will provide you with information from the seller of the goods entrusted in this service.
  4. I will try that the information is accurate in providing information, even if you do not reimburse the tenant for any damage suffered by any chance if it is not accurate.
  5. Seller shall not attempt to sell goods or their suspected stolen goods, forgery, counterfeit goods and illegal in this service. Seller will pay the damage if you or I were to suffer damage if the seller has sold without knowing the facts of the goods suspected of or their goods or unauthorized swag-fake-fake.


  1. You will become a member of this service pays given to me.
  2. Payment of the price to me, and bank transfer prepayment from you.
  3. I will never return to you all or part of the price paid at the time of subscription prescribed even if you are no longer a member of the Timepeaks.
  4. Disclosed to third parties to provide ID and password used in Timepeaks, you should not be allowed to use the Timepeaks to a third party.
  5. You must provide accurate information as possible in this system.

Sell Items

  1. Seller need to create account on Timepeaks. Seller need to register merchandise infomation to sell.
  2. Seller must properly deliver the merchandise with rhe responsibility of the seller
  3. Leatherball use the insurance at the time of the delivery of goods to the bidder. The maximum insured amount is the price which insurance company paid to leatherball.
  4. Seller must have copyrights of the pictures which seller want to sell.
  5. Seller must grant the copyrights of the uploaded pictures to leatherball for sell merchandise.
  6. When Leatherball determined the merchandise which seller sold is not a maker original merchandise, Leatherball return merchandise after receiving delivery fee from seller or dispose merchandise.

Bid and Wining

  1. With respect to the goods that you have bid, it is assumed that the sales contract is satisfied when the Timepeaks made ​​a successful bid notification.
  2. If you receive a notification from me bid you, you need to transfer the required amount to the designated bank account I promptly within two days of successful bid notification.
  3. If you have bid goods were stolen, after the return of the money from the seller, I will refund the money to you.
  4. If the winning bidder has bid the article was fake, from being refund from the seller, I will refund the price to the highest bidder.
  5. If you have some question about authenticity of item value, please do not place a bid.
  6. If Timepeaks can not sent the purchased item to you by default delivery service, you agree to pay additional delivery fee for another delivery method.
  7. In order to avoid taxes, you can not refuse to accept purchased items.

Payment between Timepeaks and Bidder

  1. The transfer fee will be borne by the successful bidder and bank transfer when the buyer pays a fee to Timepeaks.
  2. When Timepeaks need to send money to bidder, you will pay the money transfer fee.
  3. There is a problem with the goods for which it makes a successful bid, the winning bidder when the goods will be returned to Timepeaks shipping charges will be borne by the successful bidder

Payment between Timepeaks and Seller

  1. When Timepeaks need to send money to seller, seller will pay the money transfer fee.
  2. When seller need to send money to Timepeaks, seller will pay the money transfer fee.


  1. Using the Coupons

    When coupons acquired by user are used by Timepeaks at the time of invoice, user can purchase products at discounted prices.
    The value of coupons are based on the US dollar with prices shown separately in Japanese yen and Euro as reference, and the actual discount of each product is calculated by Timepeaks.
    The following conditions apply to the usage of coupons:
    1. Coupons have an expiration date and cannot be redeemed after said date.
    2. Coupons once used will not be returned under any circumstances.
    3. The highest possible discount for products at the time of invoice is 5% of bid price.
    4. In order for Timepeaks to try as much as possible to offer user discounts on products at the time of invoice, all necessary coupons from user will be utilized.
    5. If the discounted price does not reach the value of the coupon, one coupon cannot be divided and used separately.
  2. Refer-a-Friend Coupons

    User can acquire coupons by introducing this service to friends who are not familiar with the service.
    Refer-a-Friend is limited to personal, non-commercial purposes only. In addition, referrals are carried out on a personal basis, and the referee should not be forced to buy or sell any products.
    When a friend of user registers to the service, user will acquire 2 coupons. The expiration date of the coupon is set for 180 days after user's friend completes registration.
    • Coupons for Purchases Made by Referred Friend
      A coupon that becomes effective at the time a purchased item is shipped by Timepeaks.
    • Coupons for Sales Made by Referred Friend
      A coupon that becomes effective at the time payment is received for an item sold by friend.
    A Refer-a-Friend coupon can be acquired when user registers together with the invitation code from friend. The expiration date is set for 180 days after Party B registers.
    User cannot use the invitation code after registration, or use multiple invitation codes.
  3. Coupons for Putting Items Up for Auction

    User can receive a coupon if user meets the following conditions when putting an item up for auction.
    The following conditions apply to the acquiring of coupons.
    1. A high end watch that is fitting to this service is put up for auction together with a detailed product description.
    2. The price is in line with and not considerably higher than the market price.
    3. The product must be on auction for no less than over 1 month. However, if a successful bid is made, the next step must be carried out.
    4. Timepeaks must check the product and verify that the product is viable.
  4. Coupons for Providing Support

    If user requests the support of an acquaintance to purchase a product, user will receive a coupon if the acquaintance provides support.
    The usage of this coupon is limited to designated products.
  5. Cancellation of the Usage of a Coupon

    Acquired coupons and the benefits cannot be utilized in the following cases: If a discount had already been applied, user will refund the amount of the discount to Timepeaks.
    1. If user creates multiple accounts. Or, if it is determined by Timepeaks that user had created multiple accounts.
    2. If a friend referred by user enters incorrect information at the time of registration.
    3. If the same device used by user is used by users acquaintance.
    4. If user introduces a family member or house mate.
    5. If user invites someone through a company or organization.
    6. If Timepeaks judges that user is not beneficial for the service.
    7. If user does not make payment even after a successful bid.
    8. If user does not sell a product put up for auction even after a successful bid has been made.

Return and Refund

  1. By winning bidder makes a declaration within the time limit from purchase separately defined, if it is discovered that the goods bidder won the bid in Timepeaks is fake apparently, Timepeaks received a refund of the price from the seller refund to the highest bidder after.
  2. Only within a year since you purchased, if it is discovered that the goods bidder won the bid in Timepeaks is stolen goods, Timepeaks will be refunded to the highest bidder after receiving a refund of the price from the seller.
  3. If the goods bidder won the bid in Timepeaks is distinctly different from item description, and making an objection from this system (the deadline objection) within 14 days from the date Timepeaks made ​​the procedure delivery of goods to the highest bidder to.
  4. If you encounter opposition from the successful bidder within the time limit to Timepeaks dispute Timepeaks will propose a solution to successful bidder in good faith to discuss.


  1. You shall not interfere with the operation of the Timepeaks auction You must not attempt to interfere with the operation of Timepeaks auction.
  2. You shall not steal data Timepeaks You must not attempt to steal data Timepeaks.
  3. You must not be the destruction of the system and its Timepeaks You must not attempt to destroy the system and its Timepeaks.

Release and Indemnity

  1. Along with the release of the Terms, Timepeaks, if you have any of the following grounds applies, you will be able to refuse to provide this service. At that time, Timepeaks is assumed that you will pay all costs and fees can be together for your complaint, a claim for damages and return (criminal proceedings), occur. Ownership of the goods is transferred to the Timepeaks from you if you have been entrusted Timepeaks goods from you, you can make your own judgment in the disposition of the goods Timepeaks also.
    • The act or acts that may be in violation of this Agreement and the provisions of the law, etc.
    • If the applicant is in violation of fake goods goods, found article, theft, Antique Dealings Act
    • If the goods are not eligible for this service application goods
    • Goods or your application would be contrary to public policy, when Timepeaks has determined that it is not suitable for this service, such as anti-social
    • Upon receiving a recommendation by the police and other authorities and government attention or sales methods, handling goods for other operational
    • Act that may cause visitors to the judgment of mistake
    • Or third parties Timepeaks, act or conduct that may give infringement of property rights (including intellectual property rights), breach of honor privacy, defamation, or any other disadvantage
    • When you do the work of the same or similar Timepeaks
    • Acts Endangering the operation and maintenance of business services Timepeaks
    • If you have committed an act that you tamper with this site
    • You send to the server or written act of armor harmful computer programs, and e-mail
    • When I was not able to contact you to
    • You act to gain unauthorized access to other computer server of the Party
    • Timepeaks interruption and even if the phone number you have registered, it is not possible to contact if the situation has continued
    • If you bounce a check or bank draft, you have become disconnected electricity or water in your office
    • If Timepeaks finds that there is a connection between gangs and anti-social forces and employees, representatives of your company or its affiliated
    • Timepeaks act is defined as a separate prohibited acts
    • If Timepeaks has determined that there are grounds, pursuant to any of the items in this section

Disclaimer and compensation

  1. Timepeaks without prior consent for you, you can make a stop or service, such as adding or changing the specifications of this service.
  2. If Timepeaks abolish the service book, return within 60 days from the date of repeal decision service your belongings. At that time, the fee required to assume that you can not in any way claim for damages against Timepeaks, return shall be borne by the Client.