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Timepeaks is an online store with appraisal of luxury watches, where expert appraisers of watches are enrolled. Therefore you can purchase used luxury watches with safely and securely.

There are about 100,000 items on the site, and you can choose from an abundant lineup. In addition, the products purchased by customers are carefully appraised and inspected one by one by an expert appraiser with a qualification recognized by the Japanese government. Watches will be safely delivered to customers around the world with a genuine guarantee.
That’s why even beginners can purchase the watch without anxiety.

We have already gained a great deal of trust from customers in various countries, and we will continue to handle only genuine luxury watches for our customers, and we will continue to offer services that you can purchase with confidence.

Why We are Chosen

Wide variety!
Listed products about 100,000 items.
Various luxury used watches in Japan are listed. It is an overseas online store that boasts the top class in Japan.
Appraised by a JAPAN nationally certified expert watch appraiser
The most anxious thing about online purchases is the anxiety of "counterfeiting". Therefore we will carry out an appraisal by JAPAN certified expert watch appraiser. Buy watch with confidence!
Can be purchased and delivered anywhere in the world
You can access Timepeaks from anywhere, anytime. And, it became common now, but we are one of the few companies that has been delivering products worldwide for over a decade.

To everyone who loves

President & CEO:Jun Takahashi

Nice to meet you, I'm JunTakahashi, the President of Time Peaks.

The most rewarding thing for us is that our customers are able to purchase there favorite products from Timepeaks with safety and with confidence. And above all is that they are satisfied, pleased and are having fun shopping. Representing Japan, we would like to show the best of the Japanese temperament as diligent and serious, to deliver a service called Time Peaks to the world, a service that only us can provide. We also dislike to disappoint our customers' expectations. We want to provide a safe and secure environment to make sure our customers’ smile are ensured.

The connection with each and every customer is a treasure for us, and we would like to build a better relationship of trust through this service.

President & CEO

Jun Takahashi

President & CEO:Jun Takahashi

To everyone who purchase

Cheif Expert Appraiser:Jun Iino

hello! Saya "Jun Iino", penilai pakar "TimePeaks".
Kami penilai memeriksa jam tangan daripada pelbagai pengeluar setiap hari. Kami telah bekerja sebagai penilai selama lebih daripada 10 tahun dan telah menilai lebih daripada 10,000 jam tangan secara keseluruhan. Kami ingin mengembalikan pengalaman dan pengetahuan kami tentang penilaian yang kami bina kepada semua orang dan yang kami sampaikan juga. Dan di atas semua, ia adalah matlamat kami dan juga impian saya sendiri bahawa seramai mungkin orang akan menyukai jam tangan.

Oleh itu, sebagai salah satu penilai jam tangan terkemuka Jepun, kami akan terus bekerja keras setiap hari untuk menyediakan persekitaran yang selamat dan terjamin untuk terus menghantar jam tangan tulen kepada siapa yang mengambil jam tangan itu.

Cheif Expert Appraiser

Jun Iino

Cheif Expert Appraiser:Jun Iino

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