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About Timepeaks

Timepeaks is a luxury watch auction based in Japan.
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This page is the rule for people who live in outside of Japan.
If you live in Japan, please read rule for Japanese.


  • There are 5 types of items in Timepeaks auction.
    • Normal Item:
      The item which is according to the normal internet auction process. You will win the auction if your bid is highest at the end of the auction.
      See details.
    • Returnable Item:
      The owner has the right to refuse to sell their items to the bidders.
      In the case that the highest bid price is not satisfying for the owner, the bidder cannot purchase the item.
      Since some of the watches are being sold at offline auction in the meantime.
      You may need to wait for some time until the final bidding price has been calculated.
      Sometimes it takes a while for the owners to decide whether to sell their items or not. In the case that there is no reply from the owner within 4 days, you can choose not to purchase the item. If you still want to purchase, please finish the payment and contact us. See details.
    • User Item (JP):
      This kind of items is kept by the owners in Japan, not by Timepeaks.
      See details.
    • User Item :
      This kind of items is kept by the owners, not by Timepeaks.
      See details.
    • Japan Shop Item (Rakuten Item, Yahoo Japan Item) :
      This kind of items is kept by the Japanese professional seller and sold in Japan.
      Item descriptions are written by Japanese.
      Item title and descriptions in Timepeaks is automatically converted.
      Be careful to understand what you will go to buy.
      Once you purchased item, you can not cancel.
      See details.

Item description

For the user items (both Japan and overseas), the item descriptions are written by the owners. We will check it before shipping the item to you.
For the Japan Shop Items, the item descriptions are written by Japanese on original item page. Descriptions on Timepeaks are just reference purpose only.
For other types of items, the item descriptions will be written by the professional watch experts of Timepeaks when they authenticate and appraise the items.
The detailed information about the items is as follows.
  • Case Condition

    • New(N): The item has never been used/worn. No scratches on the exterior. Sometimes old watches may be degraded because of the inside oil.
    • Very Good(A): The item has been used, however the watch is still in good condition and has a beautiful exterior without any big scratches.
    • Good(AB): There are no big scars on the item and we can know that the item has been treated carefully in the past.
    • Normal(B): There are some scars and wounds that cannot be repaired on the item. The watch has been treated normally in the past.
    • Bad(C): There are a lot of big scratches and irreparable wounds and the appearance doesn’t so nice.
  • Movement Condition

    We assure that we will select the most appropriate statement but we don’t promise that the selected statement is completely correct and accurate.
    • Perfect: The item moves accurately and meets all the requirements for wearing in daily life.
    • Working: The item is working but the accuracy is unknown. We do not exclude the possibility that the watch needs an overhaul.
    • Not Working Well: The item is still working but not accurately.
    • Overhaul Required: The item has a big mechanical problem and needs an overhaul. It does not meet the requirement for wearing in daily life.
    • Not Working: The item does not work. We do not exactly know the reason. The possible reason can be the expiring of the mainspring or the battery exhaustion or other problems.
    • Unsure After Replacing the Battery: The item is a quartz watch and we do not know if it works after replacing the battery.
    • Has Noises: The item has abnormal noises when it works.
    • Function Failed: There are faults in some functions such as the chronograph and the date display.
  • Case Size

    • The width of the watch is expressed in millimeter and the crown’s width is usually excluded. We recommend you to visit the product’s official homepage or read the catalog if you would like to know the more accurate number.
  • Maker Guarantee

    The warranty is regarded as a watch’s accessory, not as a guarantee service. Not all the watches can receive a warranty service.
    • Not Specified: Timepeaks staffs have not confirmed if the item has a warranty card or paper.
    • With Warranty(Not filled in):The item has a warranty card or paper, but there is no purchase information on it.
    • With Warranty(In Japan): The item has a warranty card or paper and it is bought in Japan. Sometimes some information has been blacked out in order to protect the buyer’s privacy.
    • With Warranty(Not in Japan): The item has a warranty card or paper and it is not bought in Japan. Sometimes some information has been blacked out in order to protect the buyer’s privacy.
    • With Warranty(Modified): The item has a warranty card or paper and it has been modified.
    • Paper For Warranty Request(Not filled in): The item does not have a warranty card or paper but it comes with a warranty request card or paper which is not filled in.
    • None: There is no warranty card or paper.
  • Box

    The box here refers to the maker’s original box. We do not insure that the box is the one purchased with the watch. Sometimes the box is not appropriate the model.
    • With Box: The item comes with a box.
    • None: The item comes without a box.
    • With Box(Damaged or not completed): The item comes with a maker’s original box, however it may has no outer box or some of the parts are missing or in bad condition.

Place a Bid

Please fill in your address and telephone number before placing a bid.
Please make sure that you will pay the price before placing a bid because the bid cannot be cancelled.
The auction fee and the delivery fee will be showed on the bid confirmation page.
You must pay for the item once you place a bid and receive a winning notification. The total price includes the bidding price, the auction fee(5%) and the delivery fee.
The insurance is included in the delivery fee and how much will be charged is according to the bidding price.
Sometimes the tariffs or sales taxes will be charged and it differs from country to country; thus you’d better ask the local Customs or other relevant affiliates.
The sales tax(8%) will be charged if you live in Japan and bid by USD or EURO.
Travelers can accept duty free option for picking-up items in Japan.

The automatic extension of auction period

The auction period will extend by 10 minutes automatically if you place a bid at the last 5 minutes before the auction ends. This function is applicable to all the auction items.

There are two auction types at Timepeaks.
  • Open auction

    The current price of the item is visible.
  • Closed auction

    The highest current price of the item is invisible.
    You can only see the starting price because all of the bidding histories of other users are hidden. Thus please place a bid at your ideal price.
You can use the following functions or services for free.
  • Watch list

    You can browse all the items added to your watch list.
  • Watchlist With Email

    A system message will be sent to your email address when someone places a bid on the item which is on your watch list.
    You will receive another system message at the last 15 minutes before an auction ends.
  • Memo

    You can add some notes or memos for an item.

Successful Bid

When you win an item, a notification mail from will be sent to your mail address.
Please make sure that it is not treated as a spam mail.
Please complete the payment within 2 days after you receive the notification mail.
The order cannot be cancelled once you receive the notification of the successful bid.

When will the notification of successful bid be sent?

For the returnable items, in some occasions, it will take a few days until you receive the notification of successful bid. Sometimes these items are also sold at real-auction and it usually takes about 5 days to get the reply from owners.
If you win a bid and have not yet received the notification in 4 days, you have the right to cancel it.

Second Chance Offer

If the winner does not make a payment, Timepeaks will send a Second Chance Offer to the person who placed a bid of the second highest price.
Only when the second highest bidding price is one bid increment lower than the highest price, will the second chance offer be sent to the second winner.
The Second Chance Offer is not an obligation but an opportunity to purchase. If the new winner does not want to buy the item, please contact us as soon as possible.
As long as the new winner decides to purchase, the seller must sell the item at the second chance offer price.


  • The payment must be finished within 2 days after you receive the notification mail.
  • After you complete the payment, please send us a message by pressing the function button on the item’s page.
  • Your order will be canceled if we do not receive your payment within 2 days.
  • The total price includes: bidding price, auction fee and delivery fee (including insurance). Sometimes tariffs/custom duty will be charged and it differs from country to country; thus you’d better ask the local Customs or other relevant affiliates.
  • If you hope to receive items in Japan, please read here carefully.

Delivery & Refund

Address and Name

If you choose to pay by Paypal, we will send the watch to only the person whose name and address are registered on Paypal.
If you choose to pay by bank wire transfer, we can deliver the watch to anywhere you specified. However we do not recommend to deliver watches to hotel.
Items will be delivered to the registered company address. If there is no registered company address, we can deliver the items to user address.

Declared Value

We only declare the true value that is the final bidding price.
To declare a lower value is illegal in Japan. We will never do it.


We can't export crocodile and alligator leather straps, because it is restricted by Washington Convention ( CITES). We do not refund for these straps.

Combined Shipping

Usually we deliver items one by one even though you purchase many items in one time.
We can combine all the items you purchased into one parcel and deliver it in one time, although we do not recommend to do this due to safety concerns.
If you still require combined shipping, we would like to offer you a discount.
Delivering 2 items in one parcel will be charged only 80% of the total delivery fee. The delivery fee for 3 items or more will be 75%.
We will refund the discount price after you complete the payment for normal delivery.

Pick up in Japan

How to pick up items in Japan and how much it costs.


Once you purchased item, you can not cancel.
If there is any failure with items, you can choose to return it but you need to pay the delivery fee. When we receive the returned items, we will refund you the purchase price and action fee by Paypal or bank wire transfer. The delivery fee will not be refunded.
If you choose Paypal, you may need to pay some Paypal fee by yourself. In the case that you find the item you received is not as same as descriptions, please report the problems via the item page within 14 days.

Sell items

Other Questions

If you have any questions, please contact us from here. If you want to cancel the service, please click here.

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