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Ebel is a watch manufacturer founded in Switzerland in 1911. Founder Eugène Blum and his wife Alice Lévy. The company was named after taking the initials of the founder and Eugène Blum and Alice Lévy. The Blum family takes over the business generation to generation, and in the era of the third generation, Pierre Alain Blum, gained market share in France and Germany by exceeding Rolex, marking the highest shares. Ebel, which has a large market share in France due to the reorganization of the watch industry in the late 1990s went under the LVMH group. In the end, it was sold to the Movado Concorde group ,mainly based on the North American market, cheaper than the original purchase price in 2003. After the acquisition, under Movado, Ebel restarted the business with the old staffs before the acquisition of LVMH. Currently the official sponsor of Arsenal FC and Bayern Munich. The average sales price for Ebel is $581.

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