Seiko PROSPEX Historical collection first diver 2000 pieces limited SBDX019 SLA017 (New Watches) yr232

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Q: May I know the status of my bidding as the payment has already been settled? Has the seller deliver the watch to Timepeaks ? Please update me. Thanks


Q: I have made the payment using PayPal.

thank you for the offer, at first I didn't understand why the price you offer didn't exactly match the price we have agreed but later I have realized that you were probably inputing the price in another currency than japanese yen, so I have modified my announce and put the price we have negociated as "buy now" price, so you don't have to wait until the end of the auction.After you bid I can send the watch very quickly


Q: I have placed my third offer.


Q: I have sent two messages and both were removed suddenly. Any problem with your system?

Thank you for the serious offer. I've spent a few days checking and talking with shops and this watch is still increasing in value for used models and regarding their prediction it will increase again especially for the NOS ones as there are only a few left. I am ok to lower my price a little bit so please increase your offer by 35000JPY and I will accept your offer. Best regards

Serial numbers are usually hidden in order to prevent scammers to steal and use the photo and also to prevent potential making of fake watches.


Q: I will place another offer to you soon. Hope it will be acceptable to you.


Q: Thanks.Look fine from the pictures. i noted the serial number for the limited edition is blocked out. Any reason behind it? I hope no concern :)

just uploaded more pictures now, please check


Q: Any pictures to share on the back of the watch?

Yes the blue sticker is still attached to the back of the watch as stated in the description, I will take some additional photo of the back of the watch during the week-end

I also understand about the extra cost for you.


Q: Does this watch still have the blue sticker behind it? Can you show a picture on the back of this watch? Thanks.


Q: OK. I understand but I need to cover my cost for the 5% bidding fee, shipping fee, and 7% goods tax in Singapore. These are substantial amounts and I need to think about it again. Will assess if I can afford to offer a better price.

Sorry but I can't accept such offer, it is way too low, especially when considering that the price I am asking is the lowest you can get now for a brand new sbdx019, thank you for your understanding


Q: Thanks for your response. I have made my offer.

The watch is brand new unworn like stated in the description, so it comes with an intact full length metal bracelet

It means that there is no extra links for the metal bracelet.


Q: What do you mean when you state "No extra link" for "band" ?

No you can't change and cancel your bid.


Q: Can I change the price bid before the Closing date? And can I cancel my bid before the closing date?

November 30th 2017

The date on the warranty card is November 30th


Q: What is the date of this warranty card ?


Q: 2500 USD and we have a deal?

Item Numberyr232
Item TypeUser Item (Japan)

The seller has not submitted an ID.

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Maker guarantee

With Warranty card

Brand original box

With box

Exterior condition


New New(N)


Stainless Steel

Movement type


Movement condition




No extra link


Not specified


Not specified


Not specified


Not specified


Not specified

Detailed Description:

PROSPEX Historical collection first diver 2000 pieces limited SBDX019 SLA017

Brand new, never worn item.
Protective films and tags are still attached
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    • Whether diamonds are manufacturer set or aftermarket.
    • All of the parts are original.


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Wonderful service!

Wonderful customer service.
My Grand Seiko was exactly as described, and the shipping speed was extremely fast!
I would highly recommend them.

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