There are the following types of items.

  • Normal Item - Item ini sudah Diperiksa oleh Timepeaks. (Lihat rincian)
  • Returnable Item - Penjual memiliki hak untuk menolak untuk menjual barang-barang mereka ke penawar. (Lihat rincian)
  • User Item (Japan) - Item ini terjual oleh Jepang pengguna. (Lihat rincian)
  • User Item - Item ini terjual oleh pengguna tidak tinggal di Jepang. (Lihat rincian)
  • Japan Shop Item - Item ini dijual oleh toko Jepang di Jepang. (Lihat rincian)


User Item: Deskripsi item yang ditulis oleh pengguna.

lainnya: Deskripsi item yang ditulis oleh Timepeaks.

Semua produk diperiksa oleh para ahli jam sebelum pengiriman.

kondisi eksterior

Not the overall grade of the item, but the condition of the case (exterior parts). It has nothing to do with the state of the glass, band or movement.

  • New(N)
    There is no scratch on the exterior. This item is new goods which have not been sold yet, it is something which is kept unused after purchase. If scratches are polished and eliminated , this status will not be taken. Even if the exterior is not scratched, the old watch may have deteriorated internal oil.
  • Sangat Good(A)
    The item has been used, however the watch is still in good condition and has a beautiful exterior without any big scratches. In the case of stainless steel watches, it's probable that blemishes can be removed by polishing it.
  • Good(AB)
    There are no big scars on the item and we can know that the item has been treated carefully in the past. In the case of stainless steel watches, it is expected that some scratches will remain even if they are polished.
  • Normal(B)
    There are some big scars and wounds that cannot be repaired on the item. The watch has been treated normally in the past.
  • Bad(C)
    There are a lot of big scratches and irreparable wounds and the appearance doesn’t look so nice. Sometimes, the material may have been altered or partly broken.

kondisi pergerakan

For movement conditions, the best option for explaining the product is not necessarily selected. It only confirms the selected content.

  • Bekerja
    It is confirmed that the function of the watch works normally. It is unknown how accurate it is. In some cases, the precision of the watch may be good. In some case, the watch need to be serviced.
  • Sempurna
    Item bergerak secara akurat dan memenuhi semua persyaratan untuk memakai dalam kehidupan sehari-hari.
  • Tidak baik bekerja
    This watch is working, but it is not good. Probably the accuracy will be bad. Or if measured by machines, will be incorrect
  • Perbaikan yang diperlukan
    This watch has a problem such as hands of the watch stop, the circumference of the crown is not normal, accuracy is bad, etc. It is judged that overhaul is necessary. It is inappropriate for everyday use. This watch has problems such as: the hands of the watch stop, the circumference of the crown is not normal, accuracy is bad, etc. It is judged that overhaul is necessary. It is not recommended for everyday use.
  • Tidak bekerja
    The item does not work. We do not exactly know the reason. The possible reason can be the failure of the mainspring or the battery exhaustion or other problems.
  • Tidak yakin untuk bekerja dengan penggantian baterai
    The item does not work. The item is a quartz watch and we do not know if it will work after replacing the battery.
  • Kebisingan
    The item makes abnormal noises while in use.
  • Fungsi yang gagal
    There are faults in some functions such as the chronograph or the date display etc.

Ukuran Kotak

The width of the case excluding the crown is usually expressed in mm in actual measurement, but in some cases, the numbers described in the catalog etc will be written as it is. There may be an error.

Garansi produsen

The warranty is regarded as a watch’s accessory, not as a guarantee service. Not all the items can receive a warranty service.

Kotak asli produsen

It is an explanation about the presence or absence and the state of the maker genuine box. The box is not necessarily shipped with the watch when it is new. In some cases, boxes for different models may be included.

Tempat tawaran

You can not cancel a bid. Please bid carefully.
Please do not bid if there is a shortage of product images or descriptions. Cancellations can not be made because there is a scratch in a part not shown in the image.

Auto extension of auction period

The auction period will extend by 10 minutes automatically if you place a bid at the last 5 minutes before the auction ends.

Penawaran Berhasil

When you win the auction, you will receive a successful bid notification.

Second Chance Offer

If the highest bidder does not pay, Timepeaks may send a successful bid notification to the second highest bidder, which is called a Second Chance Offer. The seller can not refuse to sell at the second chance offer price. Successful bidders who have received the Second Chance Offer have no obligation to make a purchase, but have the opportunity to make a purchase.


Pembayaran harus diselesaikan paling lambat dua hari sejak Anda menerima email notifikasi penawaran yang berhasil.
Anda dapat mengkonfirmasi harga total pada halaman konfirmasi tawaran.
Available payment methods vary depending on the item. Please check the item page.
Tergantung pada negara dan barang, Anda mungkin perlu membayar biaya bea cukai tambahan, PPN, tarif dll.

Pengiriman & Pengembalian


If you pay by Paypal, we will send the item to only the person whose name and address are registered on Paypal.

Declared Value

We only declare the true value that is the final bidding price. To declare a lower value is illegal in Japan.


We can't export crocodile and alligator leather straps, because it is restricted by Washington Convention (CITES). We do not refund for these leather straps.

Combined Shipping

Usually we deliver items one by one even though you purchase many items in one time. We can combine all the items you purchased into one parcel and deliver it in one time, although we do not recommend to do this due to safety concerns. If you still require combined shipping, we would like to offer you a discount. Delivering 2 items in one parcel will be charged only 80% of the total delivery fee. The delivery fee for 3 items or more will be 75%. We will refund the discount price after you complete the payment for normal delivery.

Mengambil item di Jepang

Hal ini juga mungkin untuk menerima item di Tokyo. Dalam hal biaya pengiriman akan dikembalikan, tetapi jika Anda tidak memenuhi syarat untuk pembebasan pajak Anda akan perlu untuk membayar pajak konsumsi Jepang 8% tambahan.
Lihat rincian


Once you purchased item, you can not cancel. If there is any failure with items, you can choose to return it but you need to pay the delivery fee. We will refund you the purchase price and action fee by Paypal or bank wire transfer after receiving the returned item. The delivery fee will not be refunded. In the case that you find the item you received is not as same as descriptions, please report the problems from the item page within 7 days.

We do not accept returns for the following reasons:

  • I bought but I do not like it
  • Item whose movement condition is other than "Perfect" does not operate correctly
  • The item is submerged or there is a possibility
  • 7 days have passed since the receipt of the item
  • There are scratches and defects that could not be confirmed in the pictures.
  • There is a minor description error in the item description