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Founded in 1865 with an another name, but after having got a gold prize of the new pocket watch movement "Zenith" at the Expo in 1900, the company was named "Fabriques des Montres Zenith SA" . In Japan, pocket watches were officially adopted in the national railway era and were familiar as "Zenit". When it was bought by a US company in 1969, it was ordered to suspend the production of mechanical watches and destroy drawings or molds. However an engineer: Charles Vermot, who was assigned the order, put all of them in a shoe box and hid them it in the attic of the factory. After that returned to Swiss capital and revived the manufacture of mechanical watch
In honor of Charles Vermot's accomplishment that saved the mechanical watch El Primero from the crisis, El Pimero 36000 Vp H Charles Vermot Tribute, a commemorative model of the 1975 world limited models was released in 2010. The average sales price for Zenith is £4,892.

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